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Anyone here know of this duo? I followed them for a few months back in like 2010 or something. I didn't really follow up with them after their single, "Underwear". The duo sings pretty bubblegum pop songs. I was playing some songs on shuffle today and one of their songs came up and I figured I'd bring my curiosity here. Anyone have updates or links for their discography? *cough*Ashley*cough*

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I only have




I Turn Me On

Just Dance (Cover)


However this is from the "newer" line up since there was an old one, however the blonde chick from the duo dtarted a new band called the Boom Boom and they are re working some KaraMel songs and their sound it's mostly the same.

Can you upload the ones that you have?

The disbandment of the group finally makes sense on why I haven't heard anything from them.

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