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On 10/13/2016 at 5:52 AM, GINGERGREEN said:

Silent Hill 2 has a great story, the best out of all Silent Hills. 3 and Homecoming are decent too

There's also this old RPG goldie: Planescape Torment. It has a great story but it might be kinda clumsy if you're not familiar with the genre. This one is like 17 years old or something so

And there's also this game Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy game, which is heavily story based. Its decent too I reckon

I haven't even heard of any of these apart from Silent Hill. :stretcher:  I'm gonna check them out!

@low kii savage, tell me you've played FFVII and at least a few Zelda games? I think they'd be perfect for you! :hail: 

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22 hours ago, Kuba said:

I recently got The Last of Us Remastered for ps4 .. the nostalgia is killing me i used to play it so much on ps3 :'(

I looooove that game so much! :hail: It nails the whole 90s high school nostalgia vibe so perfectly. Which choice do you make at the end? ;) 

18 hours ago, low kii savage said:

i both tried them, but im not rlly into them tbh, if i have to choose betweem FF n Zelda, i'd rather play more zelda tbh :stretcher:

Omg, you're missing out! :'( You should give FF a few more tries, every game is in a completely different world from the other so even if you hate one you might like the next one. ;) Zelda slays tho, Ocarina of Time is a classic! <3 

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On 12/2/2016 at 1:25 AM, lovelyjosslyn said:

anyone into ESO (elder scrolls online) ?

im literally obessed with it, i can't wait to get my hands on the new FF my sister has it and it looks amazin, 

I haven't played ESO but I just bought Skyrim in the PSN Black Friday sale, I can't wait to play it! :excited: 

19 hours ago, MyNamesPrinny said:

I'm dying lol, I have it since last sunday, and I just played 5 hours, I can't, I JUST CANT


What are your thoughts on it so far? I've played around ten hours now and I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda disappointed... :'( The GTA influence is really apparent but the problem is that the landscapes, people and sidequests are kinda dull and the fun you can have with the car mechanic is really lacking. Literally all you do to drive is hold down R2 and sit there. :vacuum: Plus, there's so many weird narrative holes that I can't even get behind the plot too much. I'm really hoping it improves because atm I'm not loving it. :/ 

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