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  1. i was wondering what happened i looked at discord and the icon wasn't there anymore lol
  2. i hope someday if ever you can't forget about me leaks cos i wanna hear that in for sure
  3. i heard all 3 snippets the only one that made me feel like it was her was you can't forget about me... 💀 the other two... yeah not her
  4. yass! i always thought so too!!! shame that she only did a few adlibs towards the end of the GA era... promises, untouchable, & call the shots when they preformed live
  5. Sadly i do not, i only have 14 tracks and one acoustic track of happy alone of GCC
  6. 1. Come With Me 2. Loosing The Faith 3. Can't Stop Loving You 4. Playing The Game 5. Music Makes You Lose Control 6. Say what you feel (Solo) 7. Its Automatic (Do You Feel Me) Demo 8. Lovers For The Night 9. You Don't Want To Dance With Me (Monarchy Feat Britt love) 10. Running Away (Clip) http://www105.zippyshare.com/v/Hw02GRcJ/file.html here you go some of these are demo quality but eh they are cute and come with me gives me robyn teas lol
  7. yeah! here you go! http://www67.zippyshare.com/v/uJBNqQnr/file.html i have Britt loves solo stuff if anyone wants it lol sound cloud rips before she took them off and went into hiding after she failed the x factor
  8. Agreed i wish they put out an album same with Girls Cant Catch i miss the days when uk pop girl groups were coming out of the woodwork.. i only have these songs of them 1. Left My Heart In Tokyo 2. One Touch 3. I'm Hooked 4. I Wish... 5. Here 2 Party 6. Emotions Of Love 7. Bedroom viber 8. What you Feel were there any more? maybe i can harass Britt love to leak the songs lol jk
  9. oh that sucks! lol i still love the song tho well i cant wait for it to! lol
  10. i stumbled over this has this leaked? if so where i literally need this in my life!!!!
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