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  1. I'm so glad this place isn't gone for good, thanks in advance to everyone involved in the process!!!
  2. Here are two great Charli trackers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1deYpYrP_BMaF4esIXdEnWGDsK7ps0wYkhcPNsmrO3ek/htmlview# https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cMSYDgOuMfr7dKmmKJv3_-8_8FG9ZtrzvrZn9zk-tTU/edit?ts=5f605ad8&fbclid=IwAR0kiHe0iGI0bRdITCnlN9h-hCkTsSSFCJnb-Zw2z37aj8dUrlPYhLlGH60#gid=0 She has a shitload of leaked songs, organizing her material is a nightmare if you're just starting. These two trackers really help
  3. I use all of the above except ATRL . Don't think it's possible to ever get a registration there unfortunately
  4. This^ . Where is she? Is she even doing anything (music related i mean)?
  5. I quite like it, but Color Me In was still better for me
  6. bemargo


    Thank you so much! I remember lurking on SIN like it was yesterday, and people going head over hills for Lolene and Sky Ferreira - lol it was so much fun, i'm still bitter they changed everything, i don't even know if it is functioning as a music forum anymore...
  7. Can't wait!!! Even mix of old & new stuff sounds fine by me, i'd take anything as long as something's happening there
  8. bemargo

    bye bye

    lmao i was using Limewire and eMule in the 2000s as well! You could find a lot of rare stuff there back then, mostly LQ though, but i didn't care about it tbh, it just felt like you've found a treasure even if you're the only person who can listen to it without your ears bleeding )
  9. bemargo

    bye bye

    Thank you so much, i had no idea she had an actual solo album, what's the story behind it? Was it released?
  10. bemargo


    This is a raid sounds a lot more distorted than the one you posted (maybe it's just LQ), and Free has a slightly different beat/arrangement, you can hear it the best at 0.09 - 0.19
  11. bemargo


    Sorry, i edited the post
  12. bemargo


    found some more files in my Livvi folder, possibly fake, i'd love to check with you/add if they are real: How Low Can You Go https://wi.to/58e9f6205f9b544b Don't Wake Me Up https://wi.to/b18213a8daf4ee31 Hit'N'Run snippet https://wi.to/a7143a37021b7934 This Is A Raid https://wi.to/1cb6e62bab291486 sounds a bit different than the one posted here, maybe just LQ or filtered... Free https://wi.to/299c78be5871bcc7 sounds like version 1 posted here but longer (maybe the one posted is radio edit or something) These two were released iirc : In The Dark feat.Wilkinso
  13. Looks like she's really unlucky((( hope that changes for her somehow
  14. Oh i love this song! Is she planning to release anything else this year? I was planning on doing a masterpost on her,but i may be missing some stuff
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