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  1. Thank you so much, i had no idea she had an actual solo album, what's the story behind it? Was it released?
  2. This is a raid sounds a lot more distorted than the one you posted (maybe it's just LQ), and Free has a slightly different beat/arrangement, you can hear it the best at 0.09 - 0.19
  3. found some more files in my Livvi folder, possibly fake, i'd love to check with you/add if they are real: How Low Can You Go https://wi.to/58e9f6205f9b544b Don't Wake Me Up https://wi.to/b18213a8daf4ee31 Hit'N'Run snippet https://wi.to/a7143a37021b7934 This Is A Raid https://wi.to/1cb6e62bab291486 sounds a bit different than the one posted here, maybe just LQ or filtered... Free https://wi.to/299c78be5871bcc7 sounds like version 1 posted here but longer (maybe the one posted is radio edit or something) These two were released iirc : In The Dark feat.Wilkinson https://wi.to/7c2fb3b83ed66319 Through The Blinds feat. Simon Pipe https://wi.to/bdd017c6044708ac
  4. Looks like she's really unlucky((( hope that changes for her somehow
  5. Oh i love this song! Is she planning to release anything else this year? I was planning on doing a masterpost on her,but i may be missing some stuff
  6. bemargo


    Thank you very much)
  7. bemargo


    Trying to sort out my collection,i'd be very greatful if somebody could re-up this...
  8. Maybe somebody downloaded it back then, and just haven't seen this thread
  9. Thanks , i had no idea it's a cover
  10. Apart from that same Murder demo (that is very badly untagged) i got these from the soundcloud page posted in the other thread: Unreachable Demo Snippet https://wi.to/1c024a5a49cba7e6 Wild Horses Snippet https://wi.to/1c289c161e6f26f5 Suck To Be You Snippet https://wi.to/25b8f0a12a5d5617 Sorry Baby Snippet https://wi.to/023bf128fd27df95 Don't Let The Dark Take You Out https://wi.to/64b4ecc7211abf90 Rule Breaker Demo https://wi.to/016ad934e3850017 i also have this tagged as Invisible Demo, but i have no idea who's singing it, vocals are definitely different https://wi.to/a937174795745282
  11. I'd love these too, i only have three of them performed live at Leicester Square
  12. Leak Madison Beer Bad News and Follow The White Rabbit
  13. Thank you both, Kara demos are often better than other artists finals

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