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  1. Here are two great Charli trackers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1deYpYrP_BMaF4esIXdEnWGDsK7ps0wYkhcPNsmrO3ek/htmlview# https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cMSYDgOuMfr7dKmmKJv3_-8_8FG9ZtrzvrZn9zk-tTU/edit?ts=5f605ad8&fbclid=IwAR0kiHe0iGI0bRdITCnlN9h-hCkTsSSFCJnb-Zw2z37aj8dUrlPYhLlGH60#gid=0 She has a shitload of leaked songs, organizing her material is a nightmare if you're just starting. These two trackers really help
  2. I use all of the above except ATRL . Don't think it's possible to ever get a registration there unfortunately
  3. This^ . Where is she? Is she even doing anything (music related i mean)?
  4. idk it works for me, also it's already on dbree
  5. OMG thank you so much! I completely lost hope of ever hearing it
  6. I quite like it, but Color Me In was still better for me
  7. I'm not so sure she will actually release it (or Life Support in general), she already leaked the full thing herself in parts, and i think i may beg for whatever i want lol
  8. bemargo


    Thank you so much! I remember lurking on SIN like it was yesterday, and people going head over hills for Lolene and Sky Ferreira - lol it was so much fun, i'm still bitter they changed everything, i don't even know if it is functioning as a music forum anymore...
  9. leak any Madison Beer, especially Follow The White Rabbit !
  10. Can't wait!!! Even mix of old & new stuff sounds fine by me, i'd take anything as long as something's happening there
  11. bemargo

    bye bye

    lmao i was using Limewire and eMule in the 2000s as well! You could find a lot of rare stuff there back then, mostly LQ though, but i didn't care about it tbh, it just felt like you've found a treasure even if you're the only person who can listen to it without your ears bleeding )
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