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  1. leak dancefloor apocalypse by miley and the other song that plays in the DFA snip or any CBT/Bangerz era stuff xx
  2. Did anyone ever save the ' Voices (Voodoo)' snippet or let alone even hear it?
  3. is this official? HAS to be another artists demo right?
  4. Also can someone link me to the GA masterpost, I cant find it (rlly new 2 this site lol)
  5. Yes, 100% Nicolas vocals, i'm not sure how many other people have known its her and listed it as an NR unreleased/leak track. Ive been a huge PC MUSIC & GA/NR fan for years and ive had this song since 2018 when it leaked, listened a lot on soundcloud, last year I was digging for more NR leaks as I was also listening to Dating, I found an article that confirmed it was her a while ago. I couldnt believe I had been listening to Potion for so long and had no idea it was her vox. Tbh her voice is very diverse, I feel like SWOO could be her voice, there was an old snippet after all with her name
  6. Also what is the previously leaked GA 15?
  7. Also would love a Drive link or whatever with Nicolas unreleased!!
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