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  1. Ummm everyone knows the second amendment is thou shall not dishonor Britney Spears. DUH!
  2. Your gender biases for pets are TRANSPHOBIC

    EXACTLY! Did you know female pets are paid 77 cents for every male pet's $1??
  3. Your gender biases for pets are TRANSPHOBIC

    That skank is the reason why pets commit sue of side!
  4. Your gender biases for pets are TRANSPHOBIC

    This is a VERY serious matter!!!
  5. Lauren Jargoogi Appreciation Thread

    This is an appreciation thread for Fifth Harmony member Jargoogi She's gorgeous and talented. Queen of bisexuality
  6. Your gender biases for pets are TRANSPHOBIC

    I love you so much
  7. Misgendering a cat or dog, or other pet, is transphobic. You think they don't know that you are calling them a he/she without them actually identifying as said gender, BUT THEY DO! What you are doing is an act of violence, comparable to rape & torture. Please think before you speak. It is important we all come together to bring social justice to animals.
  8. Do we stan the Queen of Youtube?

  9. Where is NC-17???

    Right??? Why would she release the lead in December of 2016 if she isn't releasing til fall? I can't complain since Mariah's lead for The Elusive Chanteuse came out over a year before the actual album
  10. Will Fifth Harmony still have success without Camila?

    I like Nicole. PCD was basically a solo career anyways, considering she was the only one who sang the songs. She should've just stuck it out.
  11. Mariah Carey Slammed As "Abusive" By Co-Star

    Yeah. She needs to fire her manager, cause I feel like Stella is an enabler to her diva behavior. I've noticed a lot of Lambs are very delusional about a lot of things. Like, they instantly believed she never had breast implants because "she said so." Like, imagine if the army believed Britney always sings like cause she said she does. Also, I think she should do another mtv unplugged. In 1992, she did that when critics started the rumor she's just a studio singer. Her voice IS permanently damaged, and I'm not going to deny it, but she can still sing better than a lot of artists. Even if she doesn't sound the same, doing something like that would be a good way of facing fears. It's unrealistic to think she'll be on top again, or even have another top 10 hit. She's 27 years into her career. The only people I can think of who have gotten hits 25+ years into their careers would be MJ, Cher, and Madonna. That being said, even if she's doesn't get another hit, AT LEAST the general public would once again see her in a better light and actually show respect.
  12. Mariah Carey Slammed As "Abusive" By Co-Star

    I love Mimi, and will ALWAYS be a lamb. That being said, this makes me upset. She should be more professional.
  13. Where is NC-17???

    Right??? She needs to hurry up and release it. I love her music so far...
  14. What Scrapped track Are You Still Dying To Hear?

    Britney Spears: Follow Me Rebellion Mariah Carey: Loverboy with Firecracker sample Yours (feat. Justin Timberlake) Satisfy (feat. Michael Jackson)

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