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  1. Have you watched the new BlackMirror? What’d you think of Ashley O’s songs?

    1. Tweener


      I loved Miley's performance in the series. She has improved as an artist and as an actress. I am so proud of her! :) 

    2. hounderawr


      I want the songs from the episode.

  2. During Witness when Katy sings "Grenades got thrown" I thought she said "Grandiose, cut throat" which I actually kinda like instead ahahaha 

  3. I roll my eyes every time I listen to "The Cure" and Gaga sings "May not have the fancy things, but i'll give you everything" like bitch pls we all know you're a Millionaire :bye:

  4. In Coachella I thought Lana sang "I was at Coachella, leaning on your shoulder, watching your lesbian swing in time" :suicide:

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      :cackle: How do you always come up with the weirdest lyrics?!

    2. Yayo


      I don't even know hahahaa! :mess: I'm the worst obviously ahhahh

  5. When Lorde sings " Our friends, our drinks, we get inspired " in HomemadeDynamite I thought she was saying " Our friends, our drinks, we're getting spiked " omfg :suicide:

  6. Have you guys seen the advertisements for her new "prank show" ~ she looks pretty good in that!
  7. omg so you know "Green Light" by Lorde? I honestly thought the lyrics were "But on the isle, be seeing you ever I go" and i was like "Gurl, New Zealand isn't that small" :mess:

  8. omg apparently YAIL leaked guys :suicide:

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    2. Third Eye
    3. Yayo


      It actually leaked (I'm the worst person and listened to it oops) I thought it was trolls for a while and then I saw a DL and it's real ahaha :( poor lana

    4. Third Eye

      Third Eye

      it's really sad, I feel bad for her cause the video is leaking too... she should drop it rn

  9. Definitely agree, it got so much better! I just watched the "San Junipero" episode and may have gotten teary-eyed. This is a question for everyone but has there been any technology that you wish we had? The death-limbo one is very interesting and insane to think about and even the memory technology from "The Entire History of You" would be sort of cool! It's all pretty hectic ahah
  10. I have watched most of Black Mirror and omg it's so brilliant but also pretty crazy af. I really like the third season, there's an episode called "Nosedive" with Bryce Dallas Howard and oh my god it's too real and it's hilarious ahaha, but also another episode-- I can't remember the name (oops) but it's about video games and a guy's brain creating a horror simulation/survival game for him and it's HECTIC. Definitely should watch it~ OH! And actually another episode in season three about being blackmailed through computer hacking to do stuff, that episode is a rollercoaster...they're all r
  11. Have you guys seen "The VVitch" ??

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      No! Is it a horror movie?

  12. Yasssssss, that sounds good! I haven't been that big of a fan since Coven tbh and so I'm hoping they make something amazing this season! I really want them to go back to horror, Asylum was such an amazing season and it was so fucked up in a brilliant way! My first idea when seeing the promos was potentially Cult-y, Orphanage, Texas Chainsaw, Incest sort of vibe ~ ~ What did you guys think? And maybe the ?6 is meant to be about this season blurring the lines of all the other seasons? They always talk about how all the seasons are interconnected, so maybe this is the season where th
  13. Dua Lipa +5 Kerli + 4 LP + 1 Alexz Johnson +1 Ry X +1 Sky Ferreira + 1 Kali Uchis + 1 Lola Blanc + 1 Jon Bellion + 1
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