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  1. tfw you feel kinda cute for the first time in months



    1. Countess


      Rocking up to my Tinder hookup like: tenor.gif

  2. Overwatch | Halloween Terror

    Heroes Offense Doomfist//Genji//McCree//Tracer//Sombra//Solider 76//Reaper//Pharah Defense Bastion//Hanzo//Widowmaker//Torbjorn//Mei//Junkrat Tank DVA//Orisa//Reinhardt//Roadhog//Winston//Zarya Support Ana//Zenyatta//Symmertra//Mercy//Lucio Animated Shorts Events (Past) News/Rumors: - User on reddit has posted a supposed promotional picture from a game store (i.e. gamestop) that suggests this years Halloween Terror still begin the 10th, which falls on the typical Tuesday that Overwatch releases major patches. The event started on the 11th of last October and ran until November - Many speculate that we will, as last year, receive Hero 26 information at Blizzcon in November - A new Mei skin has been announced with the signing of the newest Overwatch League team, the Shanghai Dragons. It's believed we will get other recolors of other skins to represent other teams. Dev Update (Lastest Two) So, anyone else play this? I've been obsessed with it since release and have changed mains like 6 times. Started as Genji, went to Junkrat, then Mercy, but with the newest Mercy update i've reverted to Widowmaker. (Blizz ID's: EiKneadHeelz#1494 and ManlyMercy#1196)
  3. Cuphead | Out Now [One/PC]

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/268910/Cuphead/ I've been interested in this since it was first announced, and it's finally out. It's a bullethell/side scrolling platformer and its fun as fuck. But, it's REALLY hard, I was imagining (semi spoilers?) more platforming levels but its 90% boss battles. Either way it's super fun and just amazing to look at with the cel animated/old cartoon look. (Also forewarning everyone that I want to/plan to post a bunch of other video games in this section that i'd love to share with people.)
  4. aloha !

    Haven't seen you in a hot minute drew! Welcome! And gurl after all the anime I posted on SIN you're just now getting into anime? Oh hoooOoooneeey.
  5. The begging thread (please leak....)

    While we're at it, someone just go to Kerli's place in LA, walk out with any flash drive/cd/harddrive/pc/etc.
  6. The begging thread (please leak....)

    I second this ^^^ Give me Livin In Sin and those other possible bangaz from Porcelain, since we ain't getting Hurt or p2 of her album ever.
  7. Hiya!

    RIP that site. Welcome tho!
  8. Will & Grace

    While I am stoked for the rest and enjoyed the first ep
  9. Will & Grace

  10. http://www.playboyenterprises.com/
  11. Jaycoolguy - a thread

  12. My New Puppy!

  13. Kerli - Unreleased

    Stardust is slow, it's really pretty. I'd love to hear Cashmere and I Was Made For Loving You. Still pressed we never got Bubblegum, i'd give a nut for that one. Hell, at this point i'd give one for anything Kerli, she's taking her sweet time.
  14. someone trade me something crap for my crap pl0x

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