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  1. ohboi

    Charmed Reboot

    I'll definitely watch i, yet I hope the show turns out to be more like season 1-4 of the original and not like season 5-8 lol. I'm also a bit scared about their acting.
  2. The idea is really cool and I like this song, but I think it could be edited a little better during the bridge and the last chorus!
  3. Better than the album version for sure!
  4. ohboi

    MARS ARGO IS BACK - #PoppyIsOver

    *Alyssa Edwards' voice* Wtf is going on here on this day!?
  5. ohboi

    Mars Argo Masterpost

    Thank you for this! I'm obsessed with her single 'Using You'. I definitely need to check out more of her stuff.
  6. ohboi

    American Horror Story: Cult

    Here for it. And I just read a theory that this season could be about a cult based on the character of Twisty (the clown from season 4). I doubt it but that would explain all the clowns in the promo videos!
  7. ohboi

    Help Us Interview...

    1) when are you shooting a new video? 2) what is the next/first single (Hurt, Reload or Crazy)? 3) are you still releasing the album for free? 4) are you going to release physical copies of the PATT album this year? Thank you
  8. ohboi

    Allie X Megapost

    Stupid Hat and Isn't It Funny are from the Allie Hughes era. I don't know about the others!
  9. Neon Hitch - 'No Angels' and 'Sweat'. Porcelain Black - 'Rock Angels' and all her unreleased tracks she did with RedOne. Era Istrefi - Heart Killin' (hopefully this one gets released).
  10. ohboi

    Some Of My Covers

    Amazing!!! Congrats
  11. ohboi

    Some Of My Covers

    It looks great! Love the red. The only 'bad' thing is that you mispelled 'psycho' and 'porcelain' on the cd, but it's cool You should do one for Porcelain And The Tramps!
  12. ohboi


    I'm currently watching season 3 and I love it soooo much. And the songs that are being played in this show are awesome.
  13. ohboi

    Black Mirror

    I've seen the first two seasons. So good. And I can guarantee you that episode 1 and 2 of season 2 will change your LIFE. You can also start with those two because each episode is a complete different story.
  14. ohboi

    Cruel Youth Cds for sale

    I only like the back covers.

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