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  1. it was nice enjoying the last few weeks listening to the leaks with all of you! i didn't realize there would be this much drama on here. it's ruined the experience. if forever 21 ever leaks i hope you all enjoy it! it is Bonnie's best song in my opinion. Have a good one everyone. it was fun while it lasted.
  2. I got 3 new squishmallows this week. they are so cute you guys.
  3. a bop of a tracklist. shady to not include sleepwalker though. she is a bop.
  4. yeah i like it a lot more than i did when it first leaked. i wonder if it was on the official album. isn't it pretty high up on the whiteboard? idk why i assumed the songs higher they up were the ones on the album.
  5. a bop. i was never the biggest fan of unlock your love for some reason. the harmonies sound nice though.
  6. i think this is my final tracklist. but theres one song if it leaks that i think could mess it up. 1. American Girl 2. I Wanna Fucking Call You 3. Forever 21 4. Waking Up Diagonal 5. S.L.A.Y. 6. Jenny's Got A Boyfriend 7. Everything But You 8. Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt 9. Hot City 10. Rewind Your Heart 11. Sleepwalker 12. Outlaw 13. Electric Heaven 14. Stars In Your Heart 15. Don't Get Mad Get Famous a bop tbh
  7. Thought about changing my album from waking up diagonal to don't get mad get famous. but i'm torn. but i made a cover for it if anyone liked the other one figured i'd share. https://imgur.com/a/px7MNGL
  8. i think i wanna fucking call you would of gotten the cutest video ever. i wonder if she recorded them for the ep since i assume this was on the ep
  9. i never really was the biggest fan of die happy. i'm sure the studio version is a bop though.
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