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“Miranda Cosgrove” Quietly Returns To Music


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Update: Many fans who heard the original tracks are claiming the vocals are not Miranda, and do not sound similar. Miranda claims via messages to a fan that this is due to “special effects” and having multiple background singers. Her ReverbNation profile & the original post are still archived.


Miranda Cosgrove, who is widely known for her appearance on iCarly and Drake & Josh posted and deleted a link to her ReverbNation profile on Sunday.

Despite the original instagram post being deleted and seen by few fanpages on Instagram, the profile is still up, featuring "Valley Of The Dolls" on sale for $9.99.

She also shared a Pharrell-produced track named "Far Away", along with "Strangers" featuring the vocal accompaniment of Selena Gomez.

Jennette McCurdy also makes an appearance on "Miranda Cosgrove Is Flawless"


Stream the songs here:



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10 hours ago, Violetbud said:

So was she like hacked or something? Nothing I've heard is actually her singing, and now I feel so stupid for giving my hopes up

Someone on the discord DMed her on instagram and she responded claiming the vocals are her with "friends" and various special effects. Excluding the obvious ones.


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