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1 hour ago, Kara said:

Nobody's ever been able to identify the singer for the "Dark Side" demo? I'm definitely interested in this topic, and hopefully more will be added!!!

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These are the ones I can remember.

  • Aimée Proal - Save You
  • Ali Tamposi - Stronger
  • Aranda - All I Ever Wanted
  • Aranda - Whyyawannabringmedown
  • Avril Lavigne - Breakaway
  • Claude - Don't Let Me Stop You
  • Katy Perry - I Do Not Hook Up
  • Katy Perry - Long Shot
  • Meghan Kabir - People Like Us
  • Samantha Moore - Breakaway
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The "Good Goes The Bye" songwriter demo is also still up on Soundcloud! :)

If you search for the title it's the first track (has a little girl as cover picture)


(And Maren Morris Second Wind is technically a songwriter demo or orginal version too)

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