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    "Overdose" leaked, right? Or is it the Ciara demo? If it's the Ciara demo, I'm in.
  2. 24SOTF


    Yes, please re-up!
  3. Taste The Feeling, GIAW demo, Taxi, Bad Things solo version, The Middle demo, Closer demo, Ain't Easy
  4. There must be more demos/unreleased from her out there somewhere...I'd like some of these, too!
  5. Was Bonnie's song "Worst In Me" actually a demo for Leighton Meester?
  6. Camila "God Is A Woman" demo next, please!!! Lol.
  7. Thanks! Do you have "Let You Go Again?"
  8. No, I mean how can I access and hear them? How do you know she uploaded a bunch of songs already?
  9. Thanks, but the 2nd file is the same.
  10. Yes, please upload it! That tag is SO annoying.
  11. I wish more of her stuff would leak...I love Rita!
  12. Do you recall the length? Maybe I could try to find it.
  13. This is the original version of "Invisible" by Jaded Era that Ashlee covered.
  14. I have this and the "Murder" demo, but what I'm really looking for are demos of her released material. The only demo I have from her released material is "L.O.V.E." I'd love the "Pieces Of Me" demos!
  15. I have "Garden," if you want me to send it to you?
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