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  1. Yes it’s me lol. Carlos Gabriel. The Mexican ????. Right that’s what you said. Fucking loser. And I still don’t speak Spanish. I’m also the other 14 accounts you say I am you fucking low life. Get a job and stay off the internet. How’s your mom. I’m assuming you’re in her basement rn. Scumbag
  2. Not even worth it. Bye PHF
  3. I dont think that is considered a demo
  4. BattleTab

    bye bye

    https://dbree.org/v/f53cec https://dbree.org/v/65e8f5 https://dbree.org/v/e8f58f https://dbree.org/v/e8f591 https://dbree.org/v/98ac6a https://dbree.org/v/5968ef https://dbree.org/v/8f5986 https://dbree.org/v/a47608 https://dbree.org/v/c590e5
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