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Britney Court Ordered To Give Her Dad A Raise

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Britney Spears is giving her dad and her legal team a hefty raise after they argued that they kept her safe and away from drugs in the last few years, RadarOnline.com exclusively learned.

The Pop Princess’ conservatorship attorneys appeared in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 were a judge granted their petitions to give raises to her team.

“The petition – allowance of fees filed on 10/15/18 by Petitioner Andrew M. Wallet is granted,” the minute order obtained by Radar stated.

Wallet, who is the co-conservator to Spears’ estate, argued that because he essentially saved the singer and her Trust from financial ruin, he should be compensated to the tune of $426,000.

In the October 15, 2018 court documents obtained by Radar, Wallet argued he had managed 36-year-old Spears’ finances and various business dealings for more than a decade and was instrumental in bringing “stability and leadership” to the singer’s various ventures.

He noted he kept “literally hundreds of people” in check — vendors, drivers, dancers, hair stylists, performers and many others — many whom could allegedly “bring financial disaster by providing illegal substances to the Conservatee.”

Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, and her second attorney, Samuel Ingham were also granted their “allowance of fees,” according to documents exclusively obtained by Radar.

“By way of example, and not by way of limitation, at the planning stages of the Circus Tour, the Declarant instructed entertainment counsel to spread the risk of the Conservatee failing to fulfill her duties on tour because of some third party providing illegal substances,” Wallet claimed in his Oct. 15 declaration. “The financial stakes were high, and failure was not an option.”

Wallet said the same temptations continued in Spears’ Las Vegas residency. Wallet also argued since he was brought on as co-conservator, Spears’ estate has increased to the value of $20 million.

At the beginning of the conservatorship, the estate was nearly out of fund and cash equivalents,” Wallet said in the affidavit. “The estate and person of the conservative were in total chaos with tremendous liabilities. The problems were of epic proportions over a period of years. Extraordinary skills have been employed by all in order to achieve the results enjoyed at the present time. Petitioner has had many months at a time where all of his professional time was spent in services rendered exclusively to the conservative.”

The petition to “seal” the affidavit requested by Jamie Spears was also granted, according to the documents obtained by Radar.


You can look at this one of two ways...Either he's a loving father who's looking out for her daughter and deserves to be paid as a manager, or he's a money hungry thief who wants to keep her spaced out and under the conservatorship so he can keep taking money from her. What do y'all think? :orly:

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