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Kerli Announcement [Album Date + More!]


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Exciting Announcement!

Dear Moon Children,

We are excited to make the following announcement, which we know you have all been patiently waiting for. Your support has been immensely important for Kerli in finding the strength to express herself creatively as an artist, and make this the most authentic expression of her art to date.

With great excitement, we are happy to announce that Kerli’s album has now been completed! The following information is not announced to the public yet, but Kerli wanted to ensure that you are the first to hear the news before it is shared with anyone else.

The first single of the album will be released November 30th, 2018! … In addition, on this date, the entire album will be announced with the release date and pre-order options for the public. The next single will be released mid-January 2019, and the 3rd single at the start of February 2019. Finally, the album will be released globally on Feb 22nd, 2019! On this release date, we will ship the physical album to all of those who pledged for it.

In closing, we are forever grateful for your support and hope that the creative result brings you as much joy, excitement and healing as it does for us.

Warm Regards, 
Cyrus Saidi 
Manager to Kerli



Not only do we have the single dates, THE ALBUM TOO.
And we'll know EVERYTHING on the 30th.

About fucking time yo!

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2 hours ago, BlueBalls said:

About time!

I know this will be album of the year for me. I trust her. She is mad talented. And the visuals will be stunning too. She is queen of visuals and queen of the forest:



Idk why they posted that randomly, those are costumes from the Diamond Hard 360 video.

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