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If you need 14 in lossless, let me know, I have it!


I also have these in lossless: 

You (Ha Ha Ha) (BURNS' Violet Cloud Version)
15. You're the One (Odd Future's The Internet Remix) (feat. Mike G)
16. You (Ha Ha Ha) (Goldroom Remix)
17. Stay Away (T. Williams Remix)
18. You're the One (Blood Orange Remix)
19. You (Ha Ha Ha) (MS MR Remix)
20. Nuclear Seasons (Balam Acab Remix)
21. You're the One (Climbers Remix)
22. Stay Away (Salem's Angel Remix)
23. Nuclear Seasons (Hackman Remix)
24. You're the One (Loadstar Remix)
25. You're the One (St. Lucia Remix)


16. Money (That's What I Want) [US Bonus Track]
19. Break the Rules (Femme Remix} [US Bonus Track]


Charli XCX True Romance (Album Sampler)


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29 minutes ago, Kyonxharuhi2 said:

Ok how do I download these lmao 

I think this has the potential to be a great Post. 

However, from what I gather, this may or may not be a post with info only about the music? 

"IMPORTANT: it's unfinished (yet) post about every Charli's recorded track: self-released discs, official discography, remixes, lives, singles, unreleased, demo stuff etc. Also post will be updated with info 'bout writers and producers, with links to buy and illegally download each album or unreleased song".

I do see that in his/her statement that there will be links to buy and "illegally" (why this was necessary to point out) download, I do not understand.  Perhaps the OP will explain this to us/me. 

But like you I too am curious to know where the download links are.  As I said, this could be a post to watch. Only time will tell.  :scamhook:

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