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Bad Tattoo Ideas


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So.. my idol Alexz Johnson has posted on her instagram a photo of her fan's tattoo recently and it made me wonder why people do that to themselves. This is fucking disgusting




Have you encountered any bad fan tattoos of your faves? Or maybe they weren't connected to any artists, but they were tragique. Share them with us!

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I have a tattoo of a music note on my left pointer finger! <3 


It was vaguely inspired by Rihanna's "Shh" tattoo on her finger and Gaga's music notes, so I guess that counts as a fan tattoo? I don't think it's too bad though but it is a little more blurry than i would like. :stretcher: 

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On 16/08/2017 at 6:00 PM, Charlie91xo said:


once I saw somebody with Cher Lloyd's face tattooed on the top of their arm. It looked horrendous (only resembled her rather than looked like her) ??

:cackle: I bet they regretted that decision as soon as they heard 'Activated'. :wink:

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