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Your fav member is (sort of) back :rockon:

After a long discussion with @Countess I've realized that phf is a community that I'll always love and be apart of. Pop music in general isn't my thing anymore, but I've built too many valuable friendships on here the past 4 years to let a handful of little shits ruin the entire forum. I truly hate some of y'all and hope you live miserable lives, but I've realized my love for everyone else trumps my hatred of you and I shouldn't leave because of ignorant little shits <3

Anyway, leak Musicland to celebrate my return 



@Cypher you can stop hopping on my tinychat and confessing your love to me :vacuum: 

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14 minutes ago, Countess said:

Hi, welcome to PHF! <3 What was your old username? I don't think I remember you from anywhere! :flush: Let me know if there's anything I can do to help boo, I hope you enjoy it here! ;) 

My old usernames were Firestarter and Sparkle Jump Rope Queen :) 


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