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Lady Gaga Blacklisted by China After Dalai Lama Meeting

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After her meeting with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Lady Gaga has been blacklisted by Government of China. According to Next Media, Publicity Department of China have issued an "important and imperative" ban on Lady Gaga's music and Lady Gaga related content on all media outlets in China. The ban from Government of China stated: "We need to fight against any propaganda fanning the flames of Tibet independence movement."

Lady Gaga has been blacklisted by the Chinese Government for previous music releases; in 2011 for Born This Way and in 2013 for ARTPOP.

Honestly, given that BTW and ARTPOP were blacklisted in China anyway, I can't see that country as being a huge market for her, so I don't think this will affect her career too much. The only downside I see is that she made like $7 million from four BTW Ball dates in Hong Kong, but I'm not sure if this blacklist will apply to Hong Kong anyway so I think she'll be okay. ;) 

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