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Popstars Reimagined as Pokemon Gym Leaders


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Gym badge: Venom Badge 
Special move: Toxic


Gym badge: Anti Badge 
Special move: Diamond Storm 


Gym badge: Wig Badge 
Special move: Heart Stamp 


Gym badge: Crying Badge 
Special move: Mind Reader 


Gym badge: Alliance Badge 
Special move: Blue Flare 

These are flawless. :hail: I still wanna make a version of Pokemon with albums as Pokemon and popstars as gym leaders. :stretcher: The shade of Adele sitting down tho... :o 

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On 4/28/2016 at 8:25 AM, Baby V Alex said:

you can't fully edit the 6th gen games sadly all you can do is model swap, trainer picture change and team change, maybe the text but the gym and the puzzles will be the same, sadly.

But the FireRed and LeafGreen ones are super easy to edit! We could do that easy. ;) 

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