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Angry Drag Queen & Ugly Husband Bully Talent Show Contestant


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Guest Natalia

This really, really pissed me off. I'm disgusted to have ever listened to her music. FKA for a reason.

If she thinks she can play off the common misconception that celebrities can say and do what they want to people without consequence then she's in for a rude awakening. If they don't fire her from the show then they're idiots as well. A carbon copy of Cleopatra and Lady Gaga has no room to judge anyone. I can guarantee that no one knew who Willy Moon even was before she married him. Fucking idiots.

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I've been watching X Factor NZ with a friend of mine since the season started. We both think this is a result of producer meddling, since earlier in the show, there have been other moments like this that seemed super scripted. I honestly don't give a shit about what she said. In her own words, she's "Natalia Kills, not Natalia Cuddles". o:-)

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So not only is she a dreaful singer, but she's a horrible person too? Clearly some of Madonna's cuntiness has rubbed off on her, but the difference is that Madonna has an entire career of amazing music and financial success behind her while Natalia only has a bunch of flop singles and a complete nobody for a husband to back her up. The fact that she percieves him as the first and only male artist to wear a suit on stage is just beyond me. :wave:

Meanwhile, that nobody blonde bitch is a total queen. I love that she stood up for the guy on stage. Rock on baby! :rockon:

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