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Iggy Cancels 'Beg For It' Release; Prepares 'Trouble' as Next Single

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Fans of Iggy Azalea and MO will no longer be able to "Beg For It." After weeks of waiting and speculation, the "Black Widow" rapper is now backing away from the lead Reclassified single and it will not be receiving an official music video.

After finally addressing her detractors on Twitter in the ongoing race in hip-hop/Azealia Banks feud, Azalea finally addressed the big musical "elephant in the room": what happened to "Beg For It" and the planned music video?

According to Azalea, her schedule and the constant Jingle Ball concerts clogged up her time, and she was unable to shoot a video due to poor planning.

But fans of Azalea need not worry too much - she isn't scrapping promotions for Reclassified totally. She's prepping her next single, "Trouble" featuring Jennifer Hudson as her next promotional track.


gotta move to trouble jingleball made it incredibly hard to do anything else this month. it seems like i missed the window," Azalea wrote to Twitter fan @QuintaleAzalea.


@QuintaleAzalea and thats not to

say i didn't enjoy every second of JB by the way! its just how its worked out... poor planning on my behalf

As some fans on OhNoTheyDidnt have speculated, scrapping a music video for "Beg For It" may not have been wholly a matter of scheduling. There was a lot of controversy and bad press surrounding the single after a distasterous performance on Saturday Night Live earlier this season, when backing tracks for MO overpowered her live vocals and she missed all her marks.

"Beg For It" has been a modest success for Azalea. After eight weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, the song currently sits at No. 28, just two spots above her previous single "Black Widow" (feat. Rita Ora).

We all know who's to blame for this. :morning:


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I can't believe people are still trying to make Jennifer Hudson happen. :stretcher:

I can't believe people are trying to make TOSTB happen.


Already happened, hunty.  :magic:

Call me when you get 5000 downloads of any album you release.  :magic:

Read that slag. :magic:

Charli XCX is dying right now.

If Charli had been on the song, it really could have had a chance. :'(

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