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Temporary Chatbox Thread


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So, I'm not sure if this is already anywhere but when the forum got updated, I think Mo said that the chatbox wasn't compatible and until he could get one/it back up, we'd have to use that weird thing that nobody really liked because of how buggy it was (sorry, Mo, it's just... true :stretcher: ) Someone suggested a thread where we do the same thing that we did when we had the chatbox and I thought that was a good idea so here it is. If you don't like it, you can tell me here and hopefully a mod or Mo will delete the thread or I'll at least lock it. If you agree that it was a good idea, then we can continue using it for now until he can get a chatbox that is compatible/working or at least until he can find a good substitute for it.

You're welcome.  :magic:

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Are there any Natalia Kills Trouble demos?

I know there is a demo for Problem and we have a snippet of it (check my mega post), as for the others, they exist but they are either not being traded or not being talked about.

Grrr I want a Television or Stop Me demo ;-;

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