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lana del ray set list from sweetlife festival & review

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Her set list from sweetlife festival at merriweather post pavillion 2014

1. pepsi cola

2. body eletric

3. blue jeans & selfie break

4. west coast

5. born to die

6. young and beautiful

7. summer time sadness

8. carmen

9. ride (she didn't sing the high note)

10. video games

11. national anthem & MORE SELFIES

12. national anthem instrumental rock version outro

I wasn't rly sure what to expect ive seen alot of videos where she was pitchy older videos mind u & that SNL performance which i think we've all agreed nvr happened its a figment of the imagination :)P ...so i was excited and nervous! she was phenomenal!!!! anyone who is concerned fear not i think the promo she got in Europe was just what she needed because she came bk vocally ready,she had confidence coming out of her pores at my show, w/ no pitchiness at all like she sounded as good as the album if not better. She seems to be singing more from her diapram now and had no problem reaching high notes expect for when she pulled a bionic on us with the ride song #youlostme... and added ad libs to all the endings of her songs.. i'm going to say that 3/4 of the whole show had no backing vocals it was only her band and her singing!!! she did have bkround voacls on the outros of the songs but thats it! (also the shows sound was rather dark sounding which i wasnt expecting and had a rock vibe to it deff different to the album versions & video screens played new videos much like the old videos she used to put out) she was rly generous with the selfies trying to take that #queenoftumblr crown from bey..and rly that was my only complaint of her set if she hadnt done it three seperate time for liek 5 minutes each she could have prob done two more songs but whatevs she was very happy and smiled aton while singing she interacted with the crowd rly well and talked to the crowd after each song oh and she wore cowboy boots, daisy dukes and a black sweater. Btw she loved saying fuck fucker and motherfucker your welcome  :welcome:

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The show sounds kinda flawless in it's production and stuff but I'm not a fan of the setlist tbh. :vacuum: Twelve songs really isn't enough given the fact that she has like one album, two unreleased albums, an EP and a new album on the way. She should be aiming to do around twenty songs at this point imo, especially given how expensive tickets can be nowadays.

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