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Tila Tequila


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Does anyone listen to her? I've only heard a few songs , but here's a list of stuff I've seen on lastfm, if you can verify anything being fake or have stuff to add, let me know  :rockon:

Sex - EP



Little Brat

Rat Room

Summer Nightfalls

Lipstick Flavores Cherries

Welcome To The Dark Side - EP

Blue Dress

Get Me Off

Walking On Thin Ice



I Fucked The DJ

I Love My DJ

You Can Dance

You Can Dance

You Can Dance (Alex G Dance Mix)

Stripper Friends

Stripper Friends

Stripper Friends (Macutchi Remix)

Stripper Friends (RevoLucian Club Mix)

Stripper Friends (Desert Dwellers Remix)

Stripper Friends (DJ F's Breakshop Studios Remix)

Stripper Friends (Ghazi / Crunk Mix)

Stripper Friends (Mike Lange's 2ASides Remix)

Stripper Friends (RevoLucian Radio Edit)

Stripper Friends (Crunk Mix)

I Love U

I Love U

I Love U (Clean Version)

I Love U (Dirty Version)

I Love U (Don Diablo Remix)

I Love U (Don Diablo's out in the country remix)

Tila Tequilla - EP

Stripper Friends


I Love U

Unreleased/Cover/Idk what this mess is

Fake Friends

Fuck Ya Man


Play Girl Central

Waste My Tike

Pop Rox

No Woman No Cry

Electric Bon Bon

Straight Up


Get High

Knock You Out

Work Out Song


808 Heaven

Mary Jane

I Like To Fuck (feat. Hot Rod)


I Want That


Suga Mama

December sky

Make Me Off

I Ain't A Ho



That Is Why I'm Hot (Girl Remix)

All My Ex-Boyfriends

The Hardest Part

I'll Fucking Kill You


Hot For Teacher

Love Story

Big Star

New Beginnings

Gold Digging Bitch

I Love You (Instrumental)

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Speaking of her, she's been killed off so many times in the public eye, it's not even funny. She's had like, 5 death hoaxes in the past what, 2-3 years...?

That's obviously because she's an angel who can't die, but who becomes closer to the gods and understands the meaning of life a little better with each near-death experience. Praise Xenu. :hat:

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