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PHF Employment Centre [OPEN]

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Welcome to the PHF Employment Center! This is the thread in which we'll be posting about new and upcoming job openings within the PHF team. As the website expands, it's important that we have enough staff to keep everything moving quickly, efficiently and professionally, as well as having the ability to expand and invite new users to join the site. As such, this roster will be updated frequently, either as people leave their positions or as new ones are created.

To apply for any of these positions, please send me a PM. Your application should include:

  • The position you wish to apply for.
  • What you think you could bring to the job.
  • Any prior experience you've had in this field.
  • Any other information you'd like to include about yourself, your experience or the plans you would put into place in the position.

Current Positions Offered:


Content Writer: This position largely focuses on writing great quality content for the PHF blog! Our articles are a growing part of our website and are a huge push to get new members to sign up. We accept most kind of articles, ranging from news posts to op eds to reviews to viral content such as lists. By becoming a writer for us, you'll be able to hear new music before it's released, attend events as a member of PHF staff, and receive other benefits!

Events Manager: This position will focus around creating fun and exciting events for our members to participate in! At the moment we're aiming to host around one event every six weeks or so. These could include anything from a radio show to a competition to a scavenger hunt around the website. I'll be able to help you with the setting up of events and the distribution of prizes but it's up to you to help come up with cool new ideas and start preliminary organising!

Social Media Coordinator: This position is centred around updating PHF social media on a variety of platforms. Largely this will include Twitter and Tumblr, where you'll be drumming up new followers and posting links to new music for people to check out. However, other websites like Facebook and last.fm can also be posted on depending on your interests. Depending on what you'd prefer, I can either help you out with promotion or you can just have free reign to do pretty much whatever you want.

Good luck! :mo:

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I'm going to be deciding on the new Events Manager this Monday, so make sure you get your application in by then if you haven't already!

After I've announced the new Events Manager I'll give it another week before announcing the new Social Media Coordinator. I'm doing this because only a few people have sent in applications for this role and I want to give anyone who doesn't get the Events Maneger role the chance to apply for a new position.

Good luck to everyone! <3

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And the results are in!

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone personally for applying. We got a surprisingly large amount of entries (I was expecting like two but we ended up getting around nine :stretcher:) which honestly made it super difficult to choose who the new Events Manager should be. As I know and love you all personally, really the only way for me to decide who should get the job was by looking at their previous experience and the ideas they'd come up with for future events.

There's at least two other people who I was tossing up between and who I would have loved to have given the job to, but at the end of the day I went with someone who I knew could be relied on when it comes to this field. However, keep in mind that if that person decides they're not enjoying their experiences in the job or finds they don't have time for it, I'll be happy to open up the job search again and would love to check out all your updated applications. Also, feel free to send a PM to the new Events Manager if you'd like to offer your services to them when it comes to planning new events, or if you have any ideas for new events we could all participate in. I'm sure they'd love your help, and it will make you a natural forerunner for the job if that person ever leaves or if we decide we need a second Events Manager! ;)

Also, don't forget that we're still looking for a Social Media Coordinator! We've only gotten two applications for that job so far, which is why I've decided to keep it open for an extra week so that anyone who didn't make it as the next Events Manager can send in an application for that instead. I'll be announcing the new coordinator next Monday, so make sure to stay tuned for that announcement as well.

With all that said, please welcome your new Events Manager! The position goes to...


Many of you will know Casey (Jimmy Gnecco) as the host of the biannual radio show which we hold here at PHF. However, he's also participated in a variety of other events we've held, either as a host or as a competitor. More importantly, he's one of the few people on the site who's been here from the beginning and who has not once let me down as a friend or a colleague. I'm super glad to have him on board!

For all those who didn't make it, better luck in the Social Media Coordinator position! Please join me in welcoming our new Events Manager to the team below! :rockon:

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:excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited:[/move]

I'd Like to thank not only God, but also Jesus Christ!  obligatory bad joke

That being said THANKS SO MUCH MO!!!!! I actually didn't realize how long I had actually been here for,I think all the way back to the tumblr  :stretcher:.

Anyway like Mo said don't hesitate to send me messages and such about upcoming events, something you'd like to do, or if you just wanna talk!

Congrats Casey!

aww thanks!!! <3 <3

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