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Britney Spears & Danja "TBT Feb 22nd"

Baby V Alex

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It is here:


The Britney Jean instrumental and Hot As Ice remix are cool. I'm not a fan of the Circus demo so I'm glad it wasn't part of the album. There are no Britney vocals except for the HAI remix.

Omg at his studio having like a fog machine and strobe lights just casually sitting there. :stretcher:

The Circus demo is okay...I really don't see how it's rock at all, but it's decent. Who did he say was singing the track? It sounds kinda like Keri Hilson but I'm pretty sure it's not her?

The BJ instrumental is pretty good as well...it's like Blackout but next level. The chorus is super hot! The 'Hot As Ice' remix is pretty decent too. I wonder if this means that 'Hot As Ice' was meant to be released as a single at some point?

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Babyyy, you're the best. :hail:

I didn't even care about that cheap ass demo & instrumental tbh  :vacuum:

But on bb.org they are saying that the remix might be "new" so they assumed it was meant to be the studio version of a POM performance  :hail:

Omg, I'd prefer to see her perform the studio version live tbqh. :vacuum: This one isn't that amazing! But lbr, if she wants to add a new song to the setlist, it has to be 'Everytime' or even 'Shadow'. :hail:

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