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Happy Birthday PHF!


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Mess at the fact that we had a six month anniversary celebration but I didn't even remember to make a one year thread. :stretcher: I can't with how lazy we are. :o

But yay, happy birthday PHF! <3 I'm so glad we're around for another year so I can keep getting to know you flawless people. Even though this shit is a lot of work, and gets annoying sometimes when my lack of Internet knowledge gets in the way, I'm super happy that we've stuck by it and we're still here standing today. :'(

Now let's all pussy pop to this flawless old-school jam by Princess RiRi. :hail:


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Yasss tbh! We should ask whoever did the 'Perfume' acoustic version to make us a mashup with Marilyn and Lana jamming out together. :hail:


omg, not MariLana, but Marina.

Marina and the Diamonds - Happy Birthday Mr. President coming Spring 2014! :hail:


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