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Back in August, Perez posted these tweets insinuating Lady Gaga sabotaged other pop stars careers & he fully participated in it with her by posting negative things about various pop stars. Today, on his official facebook page, he posted a link to The Bionic Project's facebook page. The goal of TBP is to get 'revenge' on Lady Gaga by having fans of Xtina, Katy, Madonna (& attempting to bring in Britney fans) buying & gifting copies of Bionic on 11/11 to prevent Lady Gaga from having another #1 album. Perez deleted the post within a few minutes & I wasn't able to get a screencap of it, but I did read fans of Katy, Xtina, a few Britney, but mostly Madonna, saying they will gift multiple copies of Bionic on iTunes & buy multiple copies at their local music stores. Fans also stated that they pre-ordered ARTPOP & will cancel their pre-order at the last minute t bring down the sales too.

Now, earlier on the TBP facebook page's 'about' section, it said "Buy Bionic 11/11" but they replaced it with a link to Let There Be Love, but if you look at their events it sends you to a page asking you to buy Bionic on 11/11. Their cover photos are state to buy Bionic on 11/11 as well.

What do you make of this? Do you think the power of 3-4 fandoms could ruin Gaga gaining another #1 album? Do you think Xtina fans needs to get over their childish shit & accept that Bionic flopped because it was a piece of shit album? Are you not worried about it? Discuss below.

Perez tweets


[img width=300 height=235] perezbionictweet.png?w=300&h=235

[img width=300 height=209] tweet_22aug13.png?w=300&h=208

The Bionic Project Facebook Cover Photos



[img width=650 height=632]https://scontent-a-iad.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/q71/s720x720/1240137_649738055044121_408941695_n.jpg

The Bionic Project Event Page



JusticForBionic Site -Has detailed info about Perez, Christina & Gaga


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So basically this is a scam to have Xtina fans waste even more money? I can't believe he would drag in people like Kerli and Natalia Kills. I must say though, Perez Hilton wants to recruit at least 3 full fanbases to bring down 1 person. I think that's proof that Gaga's not going anywhere.

Sit down Perez.

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I must say though, Perez Hilton wants to recruit at least 3 full fanbases to bring down 1 person. I think that's proof that Gaga's not going anywhere.

PREACH! :hail:

Anyway, am I the only one who finds this kind of hilarious? XTina stans are so pressed. Maybe if they'd focused more on FlopTina's new music rather than obsessing over the absolute mess that was Bionic, Lotus could have actually gone somewhere in the charts.

I mean really, how could you expect a #1 with this dreadful excuse for a music video?

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