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Heidi Montag


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I think most people in the world who are current with celebrity news probably know who this is. If not for her music, maybe her acting...but most likely for her plastic surgeries. I don't think I've seen a thread here for her music, so I decided to start one! This chick spent $2,000,000 working on her debut album and has since released 3 EPs and a full length album. A little while back she mentioned that she was going back in the studio, but there's been no further news beyond that.



Look How I'm Doing

Turn Ya Head



More Is More

One More Drink


Hey Boy

My Parade


I'll Do It

Love It Or Leave It

Wherever I Am

[img width=200 height=200] 48257.jpg

Heidi Montag - Wherever I Am EP

Your Love Found Me

More Is More (Clean Version)

Party Is Where I Am

Look How I'm Doing (Remix) (Ft. Machine Gun Kelly)

Here She Is

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She is my absolute favourite!!! If I could only have one album for the rest of my life it would be hers,

Click isn't actually by Heidi & I'm unsure about Bionic. It doesn't sound like her to me but then again, it is overly processed

Ah, thanks for the clarification about "Click".

As for Bionic, I know PerezHilton blogged about it (which doesn't mean very much) and then I've seen it listed here. Again, not sure how credible the sources are, but I've listed it as unreleased Heidi for years. :lol:

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