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Some Bad News...

Mona Lisa

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Sorry for being so MIA recently guys. I've been really stressed out because I've had some bad news. :'(

Basically, last week my mum went to the doctors for a medical certificate cos she had a cold. While she was there the doctor noticed a lump on her neck and recommended she go to get it checked out.

Long story short, she has skin cancer and is due for chemo in less than two weeks.

She's shaved her hair off and is on medication which is making her really sleepy and hormonal. So I've been doing a lot of the cooking, cleaning, and looking after my brother instead of her.

I'm really worried for her. :( The doctor says the prognosis is okay but they'll have to actually try the chemo out first before they're able to see if it will be curable or not.

Has anyone had experience with anything like this before? Let me know down below. :'(

Thanks for being there for me and posting new 78violet tracks to get me through the day. :)

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Guest JealousGirl

Oh, baby, I'm so sorry! :'(

I hope everything goes fine and your mother gets better as soon as possible.

PM if you need to talk. :/

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Omg, I'm so sorry boo! :'(

I hope everything goes okay with your mum. I haven't had a relative with cancer but I have had several friends who've had it. It's always been tough for them but they made it through fine and are now living happy, healthy lives. :)

It sounds like you're doing a great job of coping as it is, but let us know if you need anything and we'll be happy to help you out. <3

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I'm so sorry to hear this  :'( I know we haven't really talked, but my heart goes out to you, you mom and everyone who loves y'all. I've had friends & family go through it, I had ovarian cancer a few years ago. Honestly, shit gets hard, there were times during my grandma's chemo where I couldn't even look at her because it was so heartbreaking, but being there for her is what helped her through, and I think the same will apply to your mom.

The one thing I've seen is that hope pulls you through it. Prepare for the worse, hope for the best and be grateful for any moments of happiness you and your mom receive in between. Let go of any anger and open your heart completely to her.

Don't hold anything in, it'll wear you out quicker than you know. I think it's safe to say that most people, if not everyone, on here is always willing to listen. Even if we don't always know what to say back, letting it all out can make you feel better.

I really hope everything turns out the best it can and remember you'll always have us fags to depend on  <3

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Omfg. :'( I'm actually getting tears in my eyes thanks to all these amazing responses!

You guys are so sweet and amazing. You've just given me so much strength and happiness for the coming day!

I'll be sure to let you all know how everything gets along. <3

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My mum just got through her first round of chemotherapy, and it's so hard to see her crumbling like this. We're going wig shopping tomorrow which is sort of funny and sort of really sad.

The scans are looking good though, which I guess is the most important thing.

Chemo is such a debilitating process for everyone involved. I had an aunt who went through it a couple years back and it was hard to reconcile her old jovial self with the frail and tired woman she became. Luckily, she had a very positive prognosis and she's going on four years cancer free. I know it's terrible to have to watch it, but you being there for her is one of the best things she could hope for.

Here's hoping that she'll continue to have positive scans.

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Oh my, I'm so sorry. My mom had cancer in her thyroid. I was really young so I couldn't really understand what was going on. But I know that it does get tough. It's not impossible though, things will be good once again. My heart and soul go out to your mom and your family.  <3

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