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Second PopHatesFags Competition!

Main Pop Girl

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Hi you guys!

So after everyone worked so hard on the last competition, I thought it would be a good idea to start another one.

This competition's a little more simple, so hopefully everyone should be able to participate!

Basically, it's a referral competition. If you go to your profile you'll see a "referral link" on your page, which you can send to other people to have them join the website. Once they've joined you'll receive a "referral point" which tells everyone how many people you've referred.

It's a good idea to attach your referral link to an image somewhere to get people looking! For example, I'm going to add my link to my forum signature on another forum to get them bitches joining. :tan:

I know some people we're having problems with the referral system, but when I tried it the other week it worked just fine! If for some reason your referral points aren't showing up, just send me a PM saying who you referred and I'll add it manually. :)

The prizes for this contest are as follows:

First Place - One unreleased song of your choice and PHF credits based on how many people you referred. If you want to know what songs I have to send you, just send me a PM and ask!

All other people who participate will also win some PHF credits, so get referring!

The competition will end on the 27th of April, so you have lots of time to get going!

Good luck!

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Can't I just make 30 accounts? I don't have friends  :/

Me neither. I call them minions. :tan:

Just saying, Don't forget I referred someone and I didn't get the referral point. >_>

I know, but I've talked to the creator of the referral system and neither of us can figure out how that happened! How did you refer them?

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  • 2 weeks later...

The results are in!

And after two weeks of hardcore referring, we have our winner!

The winner of the second PopHatesFags contest is...

TCypherW, with an amazing 11 referrals!

To the winner: please feel free to contact me regarding your prize.

And to everyone else: thank you for participating! This has been a fun contest to watch and I can't wait to start another in a few weeks time. See you then!

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