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  1. Want some new stuff by my flop favs, feel free to hmu.

  2. Hello hoes, how are you all on this blessed day? Stream Mariners Apartment Complex on spotify and buy on itunes. Otherwise, hell is waiting for you.:mo:


  3. It's been a long time since I came around... I'm too lazy to trade stuff, I don't even know what's circulating anymore. #BitchProblems

  4. Cosmosis

    Is Gaga Trying To Ruin Britney's Life?

    Britney ruined her own life, she doesn't need GaGa to do it. Gaga will burn in hell someday.
  5. Cosmosis

    Help Me Track Down This Bitch (Reward Offered)

    Mo, you should delete all those users who never posted here. And I think this one is D.......
  6. Cosmosis

    Bonnie McKee

    No problem guys!
  7. Cosmosis

    Bonnie McKee

    Isn't her, honey.
  8. Cosmosis

    Bonnie McKee

    I want, please!
  9. Cosmosis

    Bonnie McKee

    3:34 or something like this! I heard it on youtube!
  10. Cosmosis

    Bonnie McKee

    No problem!
  11. Cosmosis

    Bonnie McKee

    Trouble: http://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/3931739/ Unreleased: http://www.mediafire.com/download/uwnw37r6ingkw4f/Bonnie+Mckee+-+Trouble+-+Bsides.zip Broken Record, Gold Dust Baby Love, It Is What It Is: http://sfshare.se/uvat67fjsz4w
  12. Cosmosis

    Godney's Unreleased Collection

    No problem!
  13. Cosmosis

    Bonnie McKee

    The leaked ones still not the full, there's another part to complete them. Do want links for what songs?
  14. Cosmosis

    Godney's Unreleased Collection

  15. Cosmosis

    Godney's Unreleased Collection

    Could you upload it?

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