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The Future of PopHatesFags...

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Hi you guys!

Recently you might have noticed a lot of changes around the site. It's getting a lot girlier and pinker.

That's because we've decided to rebrand our site and change the idea of it completely!

Next week, #PopHatesFags will officially be renamed to #1Perez.

This is in honour of our favourite humanitarian and business man, Perez Hilton! However, we won't just be focusing on that Perez.

As you may know, The Queen of Pop Culture has recently had a child, also named Perez! Our new site will follow both Daddy Perez and Baby Perez as well as the whole Perez family (mother's, father's, cousins, etc.)!

We trust that you will all stay on the site as we are 100% sure that you all love Perez just as much as we do.

We look forward to entering this new level of flawlessness with you guys and can't wait to see what happens next for #1Perez! <3

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