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  1. Being able to pain my own stuff is amazing. So yes, I'm happy. I just need someone to share these moments...
  2. This must be the most complete thread here
  3. https://discord.gg/9xMMcGT This one? Still open
  4. I would say small talk from katy perry
  5. Mood6

    Rita Ora

    omg thank u, i'll put on the op.
  6. Mood6

    Rita Ora

    Yes, but I can't find it anymore. racist watermark btw
  7. Mood6

    Rita Ora

    Trashy. It was released.
  8. Mood6

    Rita Ora

    Discuss about unreleased tracks recorded by Rita Ora.
  9. Paperweight is such a guilty pleasure bop
  10. Such a detailed reading, loved it. I'm shocked with BTMY original plot, I never knew that. lol
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