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  1. My immediate favorites are Drum Dumb, Destroy The Disco, Universe Cries, and Kiss My Revolution. Everything else is good too, but I feel like they will grow on me. I can't believe this is classified as an EP, it's literally an album. Idk why, but some songs sound more LQ than others.
  2. I am in love with “The Electrick Hotel“ and I just downloaded “She’s Got A Pulse”.
  3. My Wishlist: (Sky Ferreira) Ditch That Bitch (Final) Hot Chick (Final) Overplayed (Final) Catch Me If U Can Cobra Cherry Bomb One Man Show Pretty Dull (Jessica Sutta) Stilettos Little Lie Lie (feat. Ashley Roberts) Confessions of My Heart Don't You Worry Child (I'm hoping this isn't the acoustic version) (Porcelain Black) Rock Angels I Feel Perfect (In HQ) (Ayesha Erotica) Taco Bell (Full Demo) Delicious (Full Demo) (JoJo) Bodyguard Play This Twice (Any other "Jumping Trains" outtake)
  4. Oh okay, I saw “Rare Leak” as the title for “Universe Cries” on YouTube
  5. Universe Cries is a bop, if the chorus was re-recorded and mastered. I’d think it could do great
  6. That's interesting, I bet someone out there has Cherry Bomb.
  7. OMG! I remember Take Over Control, but I never knew who it was because it was one of those songs I forgot when I was younger that I used to love.
  8. Does anybody have Cherry Bomb by Lolene?
  9. Just voted for this queen, I never heard of her until now. I really like Drop In The Bass and Turnin' Me Off.
  10. It sounds like a Bloodshy & Avant track, it could be Cobra Had Enough Of You Heartbeat Hollywood Slime Robotics
  11. What is the name for 'Song 1' from Sky's Soundcloud? People either say 'Cherry Bomb' or 'Cobra'

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