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  1. Idk if anybody already asked this, but wasn't there a scrapped music video for Anticipating? Or was the clip from the Dream Within a Dream tour just for the performance?
  2. Does anybody have Gameboi's Ken Doll single in .M4A before he quit music?
  3. Here's the latest one, I retouched it using the original album cover intended for Cry Baby
  4. I don’t think so. It’s called “clear scanner: fast scanning”
  5. It doesn't make sense. Albums have been leaked before, but they were still released
  6. It's all good, could you please share the lossless files
  7. Yes please! It’s all good if you don’t have it, but I really want a good quality version of the artwork for the advanced copy. I like that one way better than the other one where her head is angled
  8. I don’t get what’s it with record labels scrapping albums that leaked? Blackout was leaked, but it was still released with some track title changes
  9. If the bonus tracks are Zoo and Dancing On Diamonds, then why is Zoo so LQ compared with Dancing On Diamonds?
  10. Is The Electrick Hotel on iTunes the original or re-recorded version of the album? I heard she had to re-record the entire album after it leaked online.
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