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  1. My SoundCloud account is AZHR. Got notified a "Tweener" account has liked one of my uploads.
  2. I'm from Japan but decided to live with my mum in Australia on my birthday. I'm 18. It's nice to meet you, too. So you Liked/Reposted one of my uploads/leaks on SoundCloud. 😋
  3. Hey, sis!!

    I remember you. I met you from my old server, Music Central. I'm the owner of that server. Hope you remember me, haha! :lol: :rockon:

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    2. From The Outside

      From The Outside

      SoundCloud is best i check that more than discord lol

    3. LkieAansfog


      рейтинг настоящей из кореи средств сдесь для волос сыворотки и прочие

    4. BeJimmieAllox
  4. Good evening! I'm Azurada, but y'all can call me "Azhr". I am an amateur mixer of sort in music, and a stan of a good amount of artists such us Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Kesha, Taylor Swift, etc. etc. I am new to Pop forums like this and would love to meet new friends here, or people to collab with, as well as to talk about common interests. I hope purple won't be an issue for you guys since it will be my default text colour - wanting to try out an appropriate font as well, but I digress. Any non-personal question is welcome and would gladly be answered as much as possible. See 'ya!

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