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  1. Zacki

    Mo's Wondrous Wynter Gordon Megapost

    2 songs seem missing : Reborn : http://picosong.com/w5qNp/ and Shut Up : http://picosong.com/w5qKq/ @Countess Can we have the number track (+ name of the album) of these 2 songs please ? I have to check if other songs are missing.
  2. Zacki

    Mo's Wondrous Wynter Gordon Megapost

    Nasty Girl : http://picosong.com/w5qQW/ That's What's In My Head : http://picosong.com/w5qVM/ Yellowlight : http://picosong.com/w5qX2/ Sin City : Not found in HQ Everything Changes : Not found Indiana Jones : Not found Zodiac Princess : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJZrKNCbe9o Faded : Not found The Legend Of : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UCRthHk7z8 Testify : http://picosong.com/w5qap/ Dreamin' : http://picosong.com/w5qag/ Queen Of Hearts : http://picosong.com/w5q6X/ Never Land : http://picosong.com/w5q6e/ In The Back Of Your Car : is it "Dirty Talk" ? @Lancasters "In The Back Of Your Car" is it "Dirty Talk" ? Or the demo maybe ? For "That's What's In My Head", do you have the full song or only the snippet ? Do you have a link for "Sin City", "Everything Changes", " Indiana Jones" and "Faded" ?
  3. Zacki

    Latest leaks

    I checked and only 2 songs have been shared in the xclusive jams chatbox ... + 3 other songs already leaked http://picosong.com/w5RDt/ http://picosong.com/w5REA/ http://picosong.com/w5REE/
  4. Zacki

    Latest leaks

    It's not new, it's already in the topic :
  5. Zacki

    Latest leaks

    It's not new, it's leaked a long time ago.
  6. Zacki

    Mo's Wondrous Wynter Gordon Megapost

    Free : http://picosong.com/w5q3X/ Hands Up : http://picosong.com/w5q3U/ Holdin' On to You : http://picosong.com/w5qeQ/ Hot Like Fire : http://picosong.com/w5qeG/ Gotta Go : http://picosong.com/w5qPK/ Feel It : http://picosong.com/w5q33/ I'm Gone : Not found I Like Your Noise : http://picosong.com/w5qCm/ Missin You : http://picosong.com/w5qC5/ Music : http://picosong.com/w5qCq/ My Body Go : http://picosong.com/w5qeL/ Noise : http://picosong.com/w5qPz/ No Sleep : http://picosong.com/w5qCr/ Sanctuary : http://picosong.com/w5qcS/ Search Me : http://picosong.com/w5qcA/ Signal Faded : http://picosong.com/w5qce/ Simple Girl : http://picosong.com/w5qcX/ Times Up : http://picosong.com/w5qcT/ Walk Away : Not found Winner : http://picosong.com/w5qPU/ Wonderland : http://picosong.com/w5qPd/ Wynter time : http://picosong.com/w5qP4/ @Lancasters I didn't found the songs "I'm Gone" and "Walk Away". Do you have a link ?
  7. WAO ! Thank you so much.
  8. Hello, the lyrics of the song "A Star" by Wynter Gordon are not available online. If someone can help me to understand what she sings please. This is the song : http://picosong.com/w5yEr/ *** ?????? ???? You wanna be a star Show me that you need me You better work like You making ??? money You better talk like ???? If you feel like a star Maybe you areeeeeeeeeeee Starrrrrrrr That's what they told you I wanna ? to get where you are ??? Getting famous Is hard work ? Making shine Leave ??? all behind ??? Getting famous is hard work
  9. Zacki

    Latest leaks

    Charli XCX - Chandeliers and Champagne http://picosong.com/w5FG9/
  10. Zacki

    Latest leaks

    The instrumental looks like the one of Pretty Girls by Britney.
  11. Zacki

    Charmed Reboot

    The first season of Charmed is gonna be released on blu-ray this year :
  12. Zacki

    Music Trading Thread

    I have Pixie Lott stuffs. I only do Pixie for Pixie. I don't trade my Pixie stuffs for any other artists, so don't try to ask.
  13. Zacki

    Christine and the Queens - 5 dollars

    This is a french singer who try to have success outside France. I'm taken with this song that's why i share with you. In the video, she plays a prostitute. "A prostitute is the one on which you have fantasies but who is always disappear, leaving you alone with your thoughts."

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