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  1. Joe

    Latest leaks

    Is there another slow motion demo?
  2. Joe

    Most Iconic FLOP albums

    Curious to know why no one has mentioned Kesha’s Warrior album...
  3. I had to do blood work today and the technician randomly says, “You know what I wonder? What Stephen Hawking has to say now about god. You know, he was a really smart guy and didn’t believe in him. But now? I wonder how dumb he feels standing in front of god.” THERE WAS NOTHING THAT PROMPTED THIS.
  4. Joe

    Latest leaks

    Are the stems just the song or the entire album??
  5. Joe

    Latest leaks

    The bridge vocals? Didn’t she say she did the verses or chorus for LTLG in one take or something?
  6. Joe

    Jem and the Holograms

    The movie made me cry. It was so good!!! I am sad that it performed so badly and didn’t get a sequel with Kesha playing a bigger role.
  7. Joe

    Member of the Month

    I’m losing my shit ATM. Thank you so much!!!!
  8. Joe

    Latest leaks

    Oh for real! I saved it and have been listening to it. I’m glad someone finally made a decent full mix.
  9. Joe

    Latest leaks

    I'm pretty sure it's a mix of the snippet that leaked and the acoustic version.
  10. Joe

    Latest leaks

    It’s not even Hannah Montana
  11. Joe

    Help Choose PHF Banners

    Sure what size would you prefer?
  12. DID NO ONE ELSE CRY DURING I CHOOSE YOU? Omg pikachu crying?? This movie was so heartbreaking and emotional!!!
  13. Joe

    Who Have You Seen Live?

    Panic at the disco The Hush Sound Phanton Planet x2 - I touched the lead singers crotch Paramore 3oh!3 - I got to rap to some song with one of the guys... Cobra Starship Travie McCoy - held my hand I Fight Dragons Jacks Mannequin Kesha x2 - spat beer on me and shared it with me Far East Movement, Shontelle, Kaci Battaglia Alexz Johnson Lights Carly Rae Jepsen Marina and the Diamonds x2 i think that’s it... I had tickets to see Sky ferreira and Melanie Martinez, but couldn’t make either show sadly.
  14. Joe

    Katy Perry plagiarized polish singer?

    Is anyone really shocked that she ripped off another song?
  15. Joe

    The 17 Best Singles of 2017

    I'm so glad someone else could relate to what I was trying to say. @Countess thank you so much for letting me be apart of this love! Getting to write about one of my favorite songs this year was very appreciated. Also, I'm pretty glad this post exists because it reconnected me to Lana... I didn't know there were some gems on her record other than Love.

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