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  1. ramen1996

    Delta Goodrem - Think About You

    This song is my current obsession! So good!!!
  2. ramen1996

    Eden xo - Gold Finger

    Not gonna lie. The Drips Gold remix kinda sucks, but I love Finger.
  3. ramen1996


    I'm psyched but not gonna lie, a little nervous too. She hasn't done anything without Mutt since her self-titled album in 1993, which that she had no creative control over... I feel like I'll love it anyway lol
  4. ramen1996


    Just followed you back! So far I like it here! 😊
  5. ramen1996


    OMG I'm currently obsessed with Kylie! My life will be complete when I find a cheap copy of Aphrodite on vinyl! I can't find it anywhere right now!
  6. ramen1996


    Come on Over >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Up! imo but I love both albums!
  7. ramen1996


    Stan is an understatement!! Electra Heart is life!!!
  8. ramen1996


    First fave when I was little. Psyched that she's releasing a new single soon!!!
  9. ramen1996


    Cassettes are my least fave among the three, but working at a thrift store has it's perks. My Insta is @mycds haha ...and actually I like Miley. I have all of her cds including the Hannah Montana ones
  10. ramen1996


    Hi! I'm Michael. Been here a while but finally actually doing something about it and introducing myself. I'd like to try to be more active here as I'm a huge fan of music. (very huge in fact. I run an Instagram dedicated to my CD/cassette/record collection!!) I love many artists from many genres, everything from pop to country to alternative, including Britney Spears, Marina and the Diamonds, Shania Twain, Madonna, Eden xo, etc. I'm awful at introductions! Ha!

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