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  1. ramen1996

    Delta Goodrem - Think About You

    This song is my current obsession! So good!!!
  2. ramen1996

    Lights - Skin&Earth

    Why isn't anyone talking about how great this album is?! I've liked her for quite some time but this album made me love her! Not a single bad song on the album, but personally my favorite on the album is Morphine!
  3. ramen1996

    Shania Twain - Now

    The album took a little bit to grow on me but I finally love it! Though I wish she would've trashed You Can't Buy Love. It's the only song on the album that won't grow on me! LOL
  4. ramen1996

    Katy Perry - Witness

    That one looks like a promo. I know that some guy was making really official looking fakes for crazy prices of Make Me.
  5. ramen1996

    Katy Perry - Witness

    I have Your Body. Make Me never got an official commercial CD single unfortunately. I don't like Take That 😂
  6. ramen1996

    Katy Perry - Witness

    I hated that cover at first but I eventually wanted them to release a commercial CD single just to have it in my collection... 😂😂😂
  7. ramen1996

    Katy Perry - Witness

    Not even gonna lie. The album really grew on me! I also preordered the indie exclusive red vinyl too... I agree about the visuals! That's one area Katy never disappoints.
  8. ramen1996

    Fergie - Double Dutchess [Leak]

    At this point, I think she needs to add another track or two then put the album up for preorder. That way people have something to look forward to and will hopefully still buy the album. If she drops another random single, the album is basically dead at this point.
  9. ramen1996

    Katy Perry - Witness

    Not sure how many people here actually buy vinyl, but UO just put up a pre-order for their exclusive Witness vinyl. Is it just me that likes this cover better than the standard one? https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/katy-perry-witness-limited-2xlp
  10. ramen1996

    Shania Twain - Poor Me (iTunes)

    I felt the same way on my first few plays! It's not that it's bad but it's not her to me. I'm still hoping it grows on me.
  11. ramen1996

    Fergie - Double Dutchess [Leak]

    I'm on my second play of the album and I just wonder who tf picked the singles?! So many better single choices.....
  12. ramen1996

    Eden xo - Gold Finger

    Not gonna lie. The Drips Gold remix kinda sucks, but I love Finger.
  13. Was it just me that was really surprised by how good this song is? 🙈
  14. ramen1996

    Aly & AJ - Take Me

    Mary Kate & Ashley did music?! Honestly, I loved the song. Though Boy is fantastic! I don't recall 8 Hours though off the top of my head. Apparently they're planning an EP release in July from what I've been reading.
  15. ramen1996

    Aly & AJ - Take Me

    https://open.spotify.com/track/0NLz38FxdoATAGt9dkRhgp It's currently exclusive to Spotify but it's so good!! I honestly like it much better than their 78violet stuff.

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