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    Interview: K.I.D on RuPaul's Drag Race, Super Fans & Future Plans


    Fans of bands such as Karamel and The Boom Boom will already be familiar with Kara Lane and Bobby Lo, the Canadian artists who have most recently masterminded the indie-rock band K.I.D. Since they started their career in the music industry playing in Mediterranean restaurants on minimum wage, they have built a huge fanbase with their combination of teen angst lyrics, nostalgic production and instantly catchy hooks, and are now signed to one of the worlds biggest record labels - Columbia Records.

    For Kara and Bobby, it all started in high school where the pair made fast friends and started creating their own brand of pop music. While Kara is the band's frontwoman and sings on all of their songs solo, Bobby is almost entirely responsible for the lyrics. Their first independently released EP called K.I.D, including the lead single 'I Wish I Was Your Cigarette', was released back in 2015. Two years and hundreds of shots later, they are now preparing to release their second EP Poster Child later this year.

    K.I.D recently took some time out of their busy schedule creating music and smoking bongs to answer some questions for us.

    1. Hey, guys! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk to you. How are you today?

      We're alright. How are you?
    2. Apart from a slight itch and some unexpected redness, we're doing alright. You two have known each other since high school. Do you remember the first song you wrote together?

      It was called 'Transylvanian Tango' and it was about having sex with a vampire. We watched a lot of Buffy.
    3. It's been over two years since you released your first EP K.I.D and we (wait for the shameless self-promotion) wrote our first feature piece on your music. How has your sound evolved since then?

      Well, we have two extra years of failed diets, sexual frustration and disappointment to write about, so it's all gotten more poignant and more cunty. Sonically we think we've arrived at a sound we describe as "digi-grunge" because it mixes modern day digital elements with more nostalgic feeling 90s/early 2000s band vibes.
    4. If you were to describe your sound in three words without cursing, what would they be?

      Sunday at grandmas.
    5. When you write lyrics such as "I've been sitting on a smelly bus", do you take inspiration from your own or others experiences, or are they more like fictional stories?

      They're all autobiographical stories paired with broad statements we want to make about the social climate. Like 'Errors' and 'Taker' are obviously very personal, but they also speak to the age of anxious and entitled people, respectively, that we live in.
    6. If a skeptical person in the YouTube comments section were to say, "Hey, garage pop isn't a new genre. What makes these guys special?", what would you say in return?

      We probably have more sexually transmitted infections.
    7. You crazy kids will be opening for Black Honey in London next month. Are you excited?

    8. Okay. Have you been to London before? What are you planning to do there apart from performing?

      We've been there a few times. Probably just touching ourselves in the hotel and watching The Weakest Link re-runs.
    9. 'Errors' was the first song I was told to listen to from you, and I believe I thought something along the lines of, "This is pretty cool". Tell us about the story behind the song.

      It's about being trapped in a constant state of lethargy. We were trying to get signed and there was a lot of pressure to write a radio song about being in love or partying. That felt dishonest and pointless because it wasn't our lives at that point. There are more probably as many depressed people as there are people in love. 'Errors' felt more genuine and relatable than any love song we could write.
    10. Your latest single 'Taker' has fulfilled all the criteria to be classified as an "absolute bop". What inspired the song and what was the creative process like? What would you like fans and new listeners to take from the track?

      We're honoured that you've declared it a bop. Bobby wrote it in a bedroom studio in Toronto in like ten minutes. Kara came in after and sprinkled some finishing touches on and it was done pretty quickly. "Taker, when you gonna give a little?", was something we'd wanted to say for a long time just because it's so applicable to so many situations. Hopefully, it just helps our fans get out their teenage rage.
    11. Can we expect a music video for 'Taker', or is that too much to ask?

      Yes, it's coming in March. We're very happy with how it turned out, which is saying a lot because we haven't been happy since '94.
    12. Can we get any "world exclusive tea" on a potential third single?

      You'll hear it (and maybe more) in March. It's unlike anything we've ever done before.
    13. With three projects under your metaphorical belt, you have a lot of songs to choose from for your upcoming album. Can we expect to hear any songs older fans may know recycled for the new project? Let me know now so I can organise bragging rights.

      'Drunk Enough To Love Me' and maybe 'Dillon'; 'New Emotion' might be a bonus track. It's tough deciding whether or not to use 'Dillon', we're kind of tired of talking about that shit-head.
    14. You were recently signed to Columbia Records, joining a roster that includes hip-hop gospel artist "Lecrae". Has signing to a label changed how you write and record your music?

      We finished the album before we got signed, so no. We've started working on album two now and it's been pretty effortless. We know what we like so we're just trusting our instincts to take us in the right direction.
    15. Have your goals changed since signing to a label and achieving the most elusive of all buzz words, "industry support"?

      Our goals have always been the same: a private jet, and lots of boyfriends with high and firm asses. Oh, and like help to achieve world peace or whatever.
    16. As you've risen through the ranks, I've noticed more and more Twitter usernames dedicated to you and more weird Tweets just saying "mum" every day. How has your following changed?

      We used to have two fans, now we have like seven or eight. It feels great!
    17. We're running out of funny and engaging questions to ask you so you can have this one. If you were to collaborate on a song with any artist, who would it be and why?

      Probably whoever sang the original Pokémon theme song. Just because he seems to deliver a really powerful and emotive vocal.
    18. His name is Jason Paige, and he recently re-recorded the Pokémon theme song in support of Republican candidate Ron Paul. If K.I.D were to use their platform to support a politician or political issue, what would it be?

      Well, we recorded a concept album about mental health, so that's definitely at the forefront for us. We're advocating that treatment be accessible and affordable to everyone, especially since the prominence of mental health issues seems to be increasing as time goes on.
    19. Speaking of people with mental health issues, who are you putting your money on for the upcoming season of RuPaul's Drag Race?

      We have no money. They all look really polished and fire to be honest.
    20. We've all had a lot of fun today talking about vampires and Pokémon, but it's time to wrap up. If you could never speak to them again, what last words would you say to your fans or to people who haven't tuned in yet?

      We love our fans, interacting with them on social media actually makes our existences less bleak. We can't wait to give you guys our EP Poster Child v, v soon.

    Thanks to K.I.D for a fun interview! Don't forget to subscribe to the band on YouTube, follow them on Twitter, Soundcloud, and Instagram, and like them on Facebook. You can buy their latest single 'Taker' here.

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    On 2/22/2017 at 1:24 PM, eyb0ss said:

    It's so hard to find their Boom Boom music in good quality, even more so Karamel.

    I love them and can't wait.

    if you want the stuff Karamel/The Boom Boom released on iTunes, I can send that your way~

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    On 3/6/2017 at 1:51 AM, Capsule said:

    if you want the stuff Karamel/The Boom Boom released on iTunes, I can send that your way~

    Could you CC me in this DM? <3 I've been looking for those tracks for ages!

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    On 3/5/2017 at 6:49 AM, Capsule said:

    kara should thank her lucky stars that she's talented because she's a phony, rude cunt

    Umm...she's not? She's really sweet and nice.

    This interview was kinda good, I can't wait until they can release the full album it's v good.

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    On 4/14/2017 at 2:22 AM, kidsindespair said:

    Umm...she's not? She's really sweet and nice.

    This interview was kinda good, I can't wait until they can release the full album it's v good.

    Good thing I've had my own experiences with her that have helped me form my opinions. 

    Not trying to change anyone else's mind on her, though, just stating my opinion. Clearly you're a fan so you're going to side with her and that's fine.

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    23 hours ago, Capsule said:

    Good thing I've had my own experiences with her that have helped me form my opinions. 

    Not trying to change anyone else's mind on her, though, just stating my opinion. Clearly you're a fan so you're going to side with her and that's fine.

    You better tell us about whatever drama happened between you and her! :popcorn: 

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