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Your Favourite Songs of 2023

Main Pop Girl

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Hello flops! It's that time of the year again where we celebrate 2023 and all the songs we've enjoyed the most! I'm going to make another Spotify playlist to add to the sidebar so that we can all check out each other's recommendations and feel like we have friends when we're all alone on New Year's Eve for the fourth time in a row :yeah: 

Let me know what your favourite one or two songs are below and I'll add them to the playlist ASAP!



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Grandfather please stand on the shoulders of my father while he’s deep-sea fishing - Lana Del Rey

Sweeter - Cannons

Begin Again - Jessie Ware

Hot Blue Summer - Dayaway

Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl - Chappell Roan

Borderline - Sigrid

James Dean - Gregory Dillon

Buffalo Replaced - Mitski

Willow And Mallow - Emma Anderson

Hurt So Bad - Girl Ray

Simmering - Pale Blue Eyes

Love Feel - Jenny Lewis

Light - I Want Poetry

Faces in the Firelight - Shana Cleveland

A Single Day - Bethany Cosentino

Red Flag Collector - Kelly Clarkson

Haunted - Pearly Drops

So Hard So Hot - Alison Goldfrapp

Butterfly Net - Caroline Polachek

Dream On - Country Girl - Hatchie

Leikara Ijóò - Susanne Sundfør

Manic - Cobrah

Vegas High (Extended) - Kylie

Houdini - Dua Lipa

Kiss Ur Face Forever - Orla Gartland

Nothing Matters - The Last Dinner Party

Bad idea right? - Olivia Rodrigo



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8 hours ago, Main Pop Girl said:

Well I asked for one or two songs each but y'all are giving me like 20 each so...I guess we'll just keep them all and make this a long playlist :hail: 

Keep them coming queens! My Spotify is playing up a bit rn but once it's working I'll get this started!

I’m just giving options, you don’t have to use them all 😋

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