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Oh hey :)


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Hey guys! I'm vesp, 30 years old from Toronto, Canada. A lifelong fan of Madonna, Whitney, Janet, Cher, Kate Bush, Björk, Florence and the Machine, old school Motown, and I definitely have a spot for the new girls as well. :wink:

Outside of pop I love travelling, reading, fitness, horror movies, the outdoors, cooking, biking, etc.

Looking forward to meeting you all! Random pic from yesterday, sorry but the only one on my new phone. :detective:


Hi! :yaskween:

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´Hi and welcome!


Same as everybody has said - if you need anything just ask!

I am an English guy who just moved to Brazil from Vancouver and was just telling my friend here how much I miss the live music scene in Canada!

I traveled to Toronto to see my absoloute fave, Michelle Branch, on her Hopeless Romantic tour and did the whole meet and greet thing which was one of the best moments of my life!

Just thinking now of the shows I saw when I lived there Lights, Noah Kahan, LP, Nina Nesbitt, MAX, Vanessa Carlton, Boyce Avenue, JoJo, Chantal Kreviazuk and more I will probably remember when the weed and wine wears off!

I had tickets for Sarah McLachlan the first week I arrived but my friend was sick so I didn't go and I never got to see FeFe Dobson who I am FCKIN IN LOVE with!

Oh and Terror Jr cancelled their show which was a horrific time of my life!

What shows or bands have you seen?

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