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Where are y'all going for music d*wnloads now?


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16 hours ago, Black Jack said:

Requiures you to disable your AD Blocker.  I think I will pass on that.  There are other forums for getting music from.  Reddit also has a few subreddits.  One is r/riprequests.  There are also opendirectories if you have the time and the patience to find them.  And then of course, there are other music sharing forums as well. 

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8 hours ago, 365MM said:

Sometimes I feel like a dying breed still buying vinyl and CDs lol. Can’t get behind streaming because I like choosing specific versions and/or live recordings. 

I only buy the physical stuff for artists I truly stan tbh but always buy their singles especially and digital albums. 

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for released content - just use Apple Music or Spotify, the monthly fee really isn't that much plus it saves you so much space on your PC to stream through the cloud, and you save time by instantly having access to all new releases rather than manually finding links

for unreleased content - PHF's, dbree, lanaboards, ATRL, sharemania.us - I keep up with these sites to look out for latest leaks, usually links are provided

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