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Carl Kan calos65neon@gmail.com - Scam alert

PHF in jail

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Scammer name : Carl Kan
Mail address : calos65neon@gmail.com
Account on the forum : @warrior
Details : Gay bottom 
Reason for the offense : say to sell Rubberband by Miley Cyrus for $150 (120 euros) but don't send the song after receiving the money
 Exhibit / Piece of evidence :





Full story :

Warrior said on the Music Trading Thread to sell Miley Cyrus unreleased.
This song was Rubberband that he says to sell for $150. He said that if someone buy Rubberband for $150, he will sell the song Playing With Fire for only $50 next time.
So someone sent the money. And after, during few days, no news from the seller ... 
So the victim put a reclamation on paypal and, oh surprise, the criminal sent him a message asking him to stop the reclamation and say to paypal that everything was right - when the victim still doesn't receive the song. 
Who the criminal @warrior think to fool ?

Be careful !

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2 hours ago, Volcanion said:

Like, it sucks that you got scammed.

But you tried to buy from a member who has no community rep, who joined less than a week ago, who has one post about selling unreleased/unleaked Miley.


Sis, you scammed yourself.

I am not the victim. I just help some people.

And i totally agree with what you say. But i guess some people are too desperate to get some shitty unreleased and try to get them even if they have to deal with a new member.

59 minutes ago, LanaTrader said:

Scammed me as well. Luckily, it wasn't much (and it was money that I can get returned, so it's no big deal) but still... yikes.

He is so dumb. He really thinks victims are going to let him scam without doing nothing ? lol
Even if someone was dumb enough to send the money "as a friend" on paypal, you just have to call paypal and explain the scam so they can investigate. 

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