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Pop music predictions 2018


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Official Pop music prediction thread for 2018:wink:


1. b-list pop girls are gonna become a-list

2. Tinashe will get her justice

3. There's gonna be a MAJOR shift in musical trends and it will be highly unexpected 

4. The Vmas will either make or break itself this year 

DISCUSS :morning: 

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Bebe Rexha will become relevant

There will be a lot of female artists nominated to VMAs because MTV don't want to be bashed as Grammy's, but Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran will win everything anyways :cackle: 

Some girl will reinvent pop and become the hottest act in pop music just like Britney (1998) and Lady Gaga (2008)

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There won't be a Bebe Rexha's album, but only EPs (as usual) :vacuum: 

I also believe that neither Kerli, Florrie, Fiona Apple, nor Bonnie McKee are releasing something.

Florence and the Machine's fourth album might not be as great as the previous ones, but it'll grow on Florence's fans with time and it will become a classic of theirs (eventually).

Ryn Weaver will still be missing from music scene.

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