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JoJo Announces New Venture, CLOVER MUSIC, with Interscope Records; Departs Atlantic

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Bitch did this. Fans: Where TF are your first two albums? Blackground: Fuck y'all. She sued us, so we're not giving them to you. JoJo: Hold my fucking mic. I'm re-re

She's a legend omg!! Blackground cunts are over. I only had a chance to hear the snippets so far and i'm shook with 'Anything' and 'Coming for You', which are some of my fave JoJo tracks ever

True! I would prefer another Can't Take That Away From Me. 'In The Dark' really was that bop.  

6 hours ago, TeamJoJo said:

They're entirely new renditions with new vocals and new production. She had to release them in this way because her former label (Blackground Records) won't allow the release of any of her albums on streaming services. They're basically known for being super shady within the industry (and they're also the reason why you can't stream or purchase Aaliyah's albums anymore.)

Thank you for the information :)

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17 hours ago, Young and Dumb said:

She should just go fully independent...All of these big labels disappoint in the end

I have to agree. Although she actually seems to be getting some promo with WB which is way more than can be said for her older labels!

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6 hours ago, Ruthless Love said:

I would normally agree.. but like what @Skinny Legend said, Warner has been fantastic for JoJo, especially during the pandemic.

They've actually been doing pretty well right? I'm not sure how involved they are in her promo as well but I like that she's been featured on some YouTube channels and had that cute little Mariah stunt a few months back.

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