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Truth or Dare?

Main Pop Girl

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4 minutes ago, Countess said:

@trayertrash, you're a cunty compulsive liar and I hate your saggy ass! :cackle:

Dare: Take a screenshot of the iTunes library you have for your fave so we can all see how many songs you have. ;) 


Laffing because I removed like half of my Gaga the other day when I moved laptops but I still have almost 700 tracks

Dare: Drag a user that's been bothering you recently but don't @ them 

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17 minutes ago, Tweener said:

That would have to go to the night section :lol:

Besides, I'm an angel. What is a porn? :mo:

Truth: do you think that if couple is involved in the threesome, it's cheating?

I'm going to avoid your question like you avoid all mine. :mo: 

Truth: Why does @Tweener avoid my pornographic requests? Is he ashamed of something? Should we ban him from PHF?

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